“As you wish.”

“As you wish.”

New sounds of course, 

It really takes me nothing at all to make my beats. After a long day at work I come home to soothe my nerves by laying down some smooth melodies 



“I sense something, a presence I’ve not felt since…….”

Better Dreams (instrumental)

So I’ve had a great 4/20 and I thought I would close the day of with making some new sounds

Definitely gonna try to keep up with posting more instrumental up while working on the EP and Mixtapes I have coming your way

I hope all had a blessed 4/20

May the tunes have you drift off to sweet lumber!

The Mission

I believe in the power of words, and of the tongue. 

If I declare then it shall be so. 

My life and future, Jesus has a plan for me, his hands are placed firmly on me. 

I have a great talent for making music. I enjoy making music more most of what I do through out my day. 

I will be successful, and I will reach great heights in my career in the music industry. 

Jesus has great plans in store for me. 

so every day I train harder, I work harder, so when that day comes I will be ready. 

I will be successful, because I am successful 

the mission is simple… I will be successful in everything that I do.